Christeen's Diary: 17y 4m 1w

Lost: Queen of Gwahan and the baby Princess
Found: Pink diary with fairys painted on the cover, loveingly cared for and writen in.

Dear Diary,

     Next weekend is the start of the Renaissance Fair. This year the theme will be “Courtship of the Princess”. We’ve been busy getting ready, these past few Weekends. I get a new dress for this fair too, Sarah and I put the final touches on it yesterday. We also had an addition to the cast. His name is Michael and he’ll be playing one of my suitors. I actually get a total of three suitors, they managed to coerce Ed and Chris into being the other two. It should be fun.

     Of course the reason we’ve chosen this theme is that it will be my last year at the fair. I wish we weren’t moving to Europe. I hear that Renaissance Fairs aren’t as popular over there. I think Sarah will miss them too. I’m sure we’ll survive. Aunt Agatha promised that, if we found enough people who were interested, we could try and start our own. Sarah’s been working at this fair for so long I bet she could run one.  Aunt Agatha is letting us stay through the whole Fair, though, so we won’t be moving until the end of October. She’s letting me skip going to school until after the move too.

     I guess this is all I’m writing for now. I might not be in school, but I do have school work to do.



The End

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