Chapter 5 - InterludeMature

“My name is Jamie Quadain and I gotta tell you something!  We don’t know it but we’re being watched every single day yall.  The controllers run our lives like cattle. Bahhh bahh.  You look at em and they seem dead, dead and buried in their meaningless lives!  I can’t live like that and nor can you! You cannot expect reality when you’re living lies child.  Break out.” 

That southern drawl was evident in Jamie’s voice, but there was also a certain dark edge to his voice. “We see what the unbeliever does not, the reality of our youth, because sadly the unbeliever is the doubting class in this nation who thinks little Miss Muffett is sitting on her tuffett. No, Miss Muffet is standing on the street corner like a beggar, trying to get money for Jimmy and Sammy. Ashes, ashes we are ALL falling down!”

Christabel was a bit taken back by this man on the radio.  Jamie Quadain was saying what she had always believed, on public radio no less.  There were obvious problems though.  How he sounded was one of them. She thought it and then said out loud.   “You can’t sound raving mad and expect the world to comprehend you.”

Midian glanced over her shoulder at Christabel.  “Then again, you can’t expect the sleeping to wake up and see what we do.”  Her voice was soft, yet the rhythm was quick.

Confirmation of my beliefs in one sentence. Wow.

Mark was tapping on the back of the seat.  “Impromptu jam session anyone?”

Why not.

Midian turned off the radio as Mikey held Alyssa's bass.

“Hey new singer, come up with something for us please!”

Christabel blushed smiling wide.  It was the first real smile she had shown anyone since high school.  A brief memory flashed in her mind as the bass played.  It sounded just like -

A train is roaring down a railway.  My eyes stare at the light. It’s so bright that I-

“Come on Christabel.”  People have a nasty habit of breaking my concentration, or I have a nasty habit of continually drifting off.

“I’m letting the beat sink in!” That was at least partially true. Closing her eyes, she let the beat take over

“We know, who we are

But not who we seem to be

Our eyes open, barely a word spoken

Dreamlands cascade down open hearted sighs

As we discover the pain we all hold inside

Embrace the symphonic landscapes of our being

And let the supernova become your life

Come with us if you want to be free

Come to be the greatest you can be


Let the supernova become your life

Dadadadadadada. “

They continued the song until the van pulled up to Angelus Theatre.  Christabel had almost forgotten that they were here for a play, and food.

The End

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