Falling into the embrace, time stands still for our tears. In autumn colors, they embrace her. In hopeless suffering, they scream her name. Starblack, the silence murders me. In endless emotion, she screams at me. Her beautiful voice it frightens me...

            Each morning at approximately 7:00, Christabel Mordsa awoke to the alarm of her mother’s words ringing out through the hallway.  “Christabel wake up!”  Arms outstretched, Christabel rose, sitting up and blinking several times.  She hated this life.  Wake up, stare at the ceiling, get dressed, and rush out the door.  It had been a never ending cycle. No time for breakfast, no time to really react just –

            “Christabel, why don’t you work somewhere else?  Somewhere more, fitting for you.”  Her mother’s mantra every day had begun.  “God is going to find you a better job, I just know it Christabel.  Why can’t you just quit that, place you work at and be,” A normal worker bee, an acceptable slave for the majority, a – “normal?  Wouldn’t that be nice? To help society?”

            If Christabel Mordsa even attempted to fit in, it’d be hysterical.  Purple locks fell across her face, brown eyes glaring from within the mane of hair.  She liked it that way.  It made her feel fierce, ready to face the world, if of course, her mother allowed it.

            Now they were in the car, riding her to college.  A small school to be sure, and her mother had said that Lackerton Community College, LCC for short, was the best in the area.  When that area included “Pete's Best Ice Cream” and “Jimmy’s All You Can Eat Best Pizza Ever”, it felt like a copout. 

It was time to meet her friends, the wall, and the locker.

The End

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