Safety in Numbers.

When I was five I remember endlessly wondering around the city, surrounded by all these people who were living their own lives, buzzing around me. Yet I had never felt so alone. There I was secluded in a sea of colour, I had been told to go play in the park, to make friends with other children. I didn’t, instead I ventured out into the crazy real world.

Yet there I was, leaning against the wall- wishing that I could be back in the safety of that human ocean, knowing that any minute my auntie would be running down the street calling for me. The sense of aloneness in this place was tenfold in comparison to that of which I felt when I was five.

I needed answers. Questions were spinning through my mind. What were those things back there, and what were they talking about. Who was that guy, and what was his problem? And where the hell am I?

I was pulled out of my reverie by the sound of approaching voices.  Fear struck through me as I recognized them as the pack of miscreants from earlier. I veiled myself in the shadows, holding my breath until they passed. 

Once certain they were gone, I hastily made my way in the opposite direction.  I walked aimlessly for hours into the night. The temperature had dropped sending a shiver down my spine; I scanned the area for some form of shelter. I spotted an abandoned structure in between two large crumbling apartment buildings- insignificant to the outside world. I cautiously made my way closer, pushed the door and held my breath as it creaked inwards.

I stepped over the threshold, walking blindly forwards. I pulled out a lighter from my back pocket; Kate always made me carry a spare, flicking to ignite the flame. I took in the surroundings, greeted by a now grimy, un-used Starbucks. A dust –ridden couch was lying against a wall, perfect.

The End

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