He Could See Right Through Me

“Don’t move, don’t say anything,” he hissed- definitely a male, his voice was musky and deep, young yet manly. His face shadowed by the lack of light and his unruly hair made it near impossible to distinguish his features.

He looked into the direction where we had just come from, searching for those creatures which had been huddled in the dim light. “Why are you here? Who sent you?”

“What? I don’t know. I um, I was kinda trying to find that out too.” My wrists begun to hurt as his grip constricted around them. He leant closer into me, crouched slightly so his eyes level with mine.

I felt his piercing gaze, it was painful. He was tearing right through my personal and emotional barriers. He could see right through me, I felt completely naked.

My insides squirmed, but I knew if I didn’t hold eye contact he would never believe me, his head tilted to the side, kind of like when a dog is analyzing you with its eyes, whether or not you can be trusted, whether or not your worth wasting it’s time on.

The clouds dispersed and the moonlight hit my face, causing him to flinch backwards.  My wrists were released; I slumped against the wall sighing with relief from the pain. I lifted my gaze. He was gone...

The End

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