The Choice Was Simple

Thin wisps of smoke entered my throat swirling around inside me; slowly constricting against my throat, slowly suffocating me from within. Gasping for air my vision returned only to be replaced by a sinister darkness that made my blood crawl, goose bumps formed on the back of my arms as it dawned on me I had no idea where I was. Panting, I brushed back my thick hair that had lain strewn across my face; my entire body was drenched with sweat.

It was too quiet; no sign of cars, footsteps… not even the rustling of leaves, it was completely silent. I heaved myself up from the dust covered tarmac, searching for any sign of life. Around me were derelict buildings with boarded up windows and crumbling bricks that lay on either side of the road I was standing in.

The distance was blanketed with a thick layer of smog. The choice was simple- find someone before something finds me. My hairs pricked up on the back of my neck, I was alone in a surreal state of blindness as the cold was slowly wrapping itself around my body.

Menacing laughter echoed from behind the smog. I stumbled forward, my hands out-stretched in front of me, the smoke dissolving between my fingers.

Ahead of me were a group of shadowed figures, barely visible under the dim light of a street lamp. Steadily I crept forward, veiled by the darkness; I attempted to eavesdrop on their faction which radiated hostility.

Closest to me, a hunched, garish outline hissed,
Rumour spreads that the Master has dibs on new meat,”

“Hold your tongue. If the Master where to find out you were speaking of such things….”

“But the Master would never harm such a loyal servant-” Only to be interrupted by the evident alpha male of the group,

“Enough of this infantile talk... Are we not here to discuss what to do with our little ‘problem’?”

A mumble of agreement echoed.

“I say we let the Butcher drain him…”

“No. Not the Butcher- He’s ours to play with,” It was at this point that I leant forward against the edge of the wall- which crumbled under the pressure of my weight, sending me helplessly forward.

Without warning something clamped solidly around my mouth - Unable to breathe, let alone scream I did the only thing a rational girl would do - panic. I cried out a muffled scream, digging my feet into the ground; scratched at the thing clamping me, only to promptly recognize it was human being that was seizing me. But the fact remained that the human, I’m guessing was male was dragging me backwards with a firm grip on my shirt.

I was half dragged, half carried around the corner, where I was spun around to face my abductor. The hand that acted as a clamp over my mouth lifted and instead loosely gripped my wrists- placing them above my head.

The End

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