Technically, They're Wearing Last Weeks Fashion.

When I finally got to school, I was late for registration. Whoa. I really must have been tired to have walked that slow.

I signed in, and walked into the classroom, where I was bombarded with constant questions from Kate.

“Why the hell are you late?” She demanded whilst filing her nails

“I lost track of time?” I said. I made it sound like a question.

“But I told you to be on time because I had to talk to you!”

 Oh dear. Whenever Kate says she has to talk to me, it usually involves what the fashion trend of the week is, or what horrible relative her mother made her visit. I don’t mind listening to the fashion trends, as I feel pretty cool when Kate and I waltz round school, and then a week later everyone else is wearing that outfit.

 I always find it funny, as technically they are wearing last week’s fashion. But when Kate starts to go on about her relatives, I feel a little sad, and slightly annoyed. It’s unfair that she has all of these relatives, when I have only my aunt and uncle. I don’t any cousins, I don’t have any brothers or sisters or parents either.

Anyway, Kate has nothing to moan about, because even if it’s boring having to spend so much time with her relatives, it is totally worth it for her, as they all give her some spending money, and by ‘some’, I mean ‘a lot’. Its isn’t as if she needs the money either, as her dad will buy her anything she wants, as she is the only girl in her household.

“I’m really sorry Kate, but I am here now, and I’m all ears.” I told her, trying to sound enthusiastic about it.

“OK” she said, and her face went from upset to beaming straight away.

I listen to her drivel on about how ‘blue was the new black’, and I contributed by nodding, and ‘happy dancing’ with her when it was necessary, but my mind was really still stuck on my dream - or should I say nightmare.

 Whilst I sat there at my desk, my mind processing the eerie smoke, I was brought back to the present by a sharp pinch on my arm.

“Eve? Are you even listening to me?” Kate said sharply to me.

“I asked you a question! Why weren’t you at the party on Saturday?”

I looked at her, and blinked a few times, trying to come up with a decent excuse...

What seemed like a lifetime later, the bell rang releasing me from this prison of learning. I sighed, and decided it was time to visit him. We'd hardly spent any time together this week.

The End

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