They Remained an Enigma

Thin wisps of smoke entered my throat swirling around inside me; slowly constricting against my throat, slowly suffocating me from within…

I opened my eyes, panting as I stared up at my stupid glow in the dark stars that were attached to my ceiling. This poignant dream has been haunting me for as long as I can remember- yet its meaning remains an enigma. I swung my legs out of my bed, and padded towards the bathroom. I looked up into my reflection, scrutinizing my mahogany-brown hair which casts me out from the usual Barbie blondes around here; my friend Katie had been nagging me to dye it for months, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I splashed ice cold water into my face, my routine for attempting to wash away last night’s dream, but somehow it never really worked.

I went back to my room, and sat on my desk chair. There was no way I was going back to sleep, when all I would do was return to that place. I got up and dressed, and sat eating cereal at the dented kitchen table. I lived with my Aunt and Uncle, I'd been braught up to believe that my parents died in a train crash when I was little. I don’t like to ask my aunt and uncle about it as it makes them uncomfortable. As I sat there, trying to compose myself for school, my aunt entered the kitchen.

“Wow, you’re up early! Did hell freeze over, or are you making a fresh start for the New Year?”

“No, hell did not freeze over. I just couldn’t get back to sleep.” I replied groggily. All this lack of sleep was getting to me. I could have sworn that my dream was getting more intense every day. Weird.

“Oh, well in that case, don’t forget to drink some coffee before you go to school. We can’t have you falling asleep in class, like you did when you were 10.”

I silently glared daggers at my aunt’s back, as she bustled around the small kitchen, putting things into the worn cupboards, and dusting the crumbling brickwork of the walls.

We lived in a low income neighborhood, which was on the total opposite side of town to all of my school friends. I didn’t mind living in such a low value house, I just didn’t really enjoy the long trip to school every day.

By the time I had finished my cereal, it was time for me to leave for school.
I dragged myself up to a standing position, and trudged out of the door. It was mornings like these, where I functioned on next to no sleep that made me dread the 45 minute walk to school. If Kate wasn’t such a lazy bum, she would get her bleach blond self into her shiny red convertible, and pick me up, and drive me to school, saving me from exhaustion.  I really hated the fact that she wasn’t a morning person, but at least she gave me a lift home after school, so I didn’t hate her so much.


The End

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