Chapter 6

It wasn't until the following Sunday that they heard anymore about their lessons.

"Kids," Grandma called.  She was sitting at the breakfast bar with a cup of tea in her favourite flowery mug.

"What's up?"  Jade stood against the door in a pink fluffy dressing gown and her hair in rollers.  Ash stopped as he passed and raised an eyebrow.  "What?"  He shook his head.

"Just had a phone call of the Head Councillor and your lessons will start tomorrow.  You will be picked up afterschool, along with Lily," she looked at Ash "and they will drop you back home at about 6.30."

"Well, this should be interesting," Midnight said slightly unsure. 


"Oh I can't wait," Lily had just joined them at their lunch table.

"There's only one problem," Jade looked at them seriously, "What to wear."  Hazel, Lily and Jade burst out laughing.  Ash was staring at his food.

"Come on Ash, it's not going to be that bad," Lily put her hand on his.  Midnight insides started to burn.  Pull yourself together.  Every time Lily touched him, it sent Midnight mad.

"S'pose," he mumbled, relaxing his body.

"That's better." Lily kissed him.  Midnight looked at her sternly.  She was treating him like a little kid.  Lily widened her eyes as if to say "What?"

                When the bell went at the end of the day, Midnight looked out of the window and there it was, a black BMW.  Typical, the Councils trade mark car, because that's not suspicious.  She sighed and picked up her backpack.  Ash was waiting outside the classroom.  They walked silently out of the school.  They stopped at the front door, looked at the BMW, then at each other.

"Well, here it goes."


The car journey seemed to last forever.  Finally they pulled outside what looked like a low budget lawyer's office.  A man in a grey suit came over and opened the door.

"Thank you Clive," He nodded at the driver.  "This way please."  They all filed out.  When Midnight stepped out, the man smiled and tipped his hat.  She looked at Ash who shrugged.  The inside looked as cheap as the outside. This can't be it.  Then a door, that Midnight swore wasn't there before, opened.  They hesitated.

"Well go on."  Behind the door was a dimly lit room.  In the middle was a hand woven rug and a chair.  Sitting on the chair was the Head Councillor and leaning against the wall, yet again, was Caleb.

"Ah, you're here," The Head Councillor stood up.  "Sit down, sit down." 

"But where?"  Lily asked

"On the floor," Caleb said.  She looked at him in disgust, then at her uncle who nodded.  Midnight rolled her eyes.  They sat down.

"Hey," Caleb said slightly awkwardly, sitting down next to her.


"Shall we begin then?  Right first of all I'd like to introduce Tabatha," He pointed to an eccentric looking woman who just walked in.

"Hi everybody!"  She said rather cheerfully.  They all replied like school children.  

"Tabatha will be assisting me in your lessons."  Callum turned to Midnight, shaking his head.


"That means his actually taking the lessons.  He never gets involved."  He shook his head again.  Midnight shrugged it off.

"There are five areas in practical magic, potions and herbs, transfiguration, the elements, animals and mind powers.  You will learn them all but every witch has a main power, one they excel in, but it is rare for that a witches' central power to be the mental powers.  Only the very powerful witches ever have."  He looked at Midnight. "You can't chose your central power, it is part of your nature, the power chooses you. "

"But how will you know?  I mean will it come naturally to you or are you just bloody brilliant at it."  He laughed, "Good question Jade.  Normally when you first try it, it will feel right and you will know.  It's sort of an instinct, like you can tell you're hot or you're cold. Unfortunately, it might take away.  It's different for each individual witch. " He actually sounds like he cares.  Callum seemed to be thinking the same but it seemed to worry him. 

"Now, let's see if we can reveal any central powers today."

The End

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