Chapter 5

They looked at each other than at their grandma, who gave nothing away. 

"Sit, sit please."  The Head Councillor said as if it was his house they were in.  Midnight realised she must have raised her eyebrows because Caleb chuckled to himself.  She smiled at him shyly.  Nevertheless they sat down.  There was a noise from the other side of the double doors into the kitchen. 

"Oh isn't this house just wonderful," the doors opened and in walked Lily beaming.  Yet again they looked at each other apart from Ash who looked down.  Apparently he knew she was going to be here.

"You've already met my niece Lily," the Head Councillor said this with less enthusiasm as usual. He looked at Ash who blushed.  Midnight was the only one who noticed this as Caleb chuckled to himself again, but Lily ignored it and walked over to Ash and kissed him on the cheek.  Midnight had the sudden urge to hiss at Lily.  It took her by surprise.

"What's this about?" She asked.

"Well, you are all approaching sixteen, when a witch becomes in full use of their powers."  He looked at all of them including Caleb.  "When a witch is approaching this critical stage, they have lesson on how to master their powers."  He paused at looked at Midnight. Why the hel hell does he keep looking at me like that? It was starting to make Midnight uncomfortable.  "They will be held on Monday, Friday and Saturday, in various locations.  You will be taught about our history as well as the practical and theoretical use of spells and potion making."

"It involves theory?"  Jade seemed repulsed by this idea.  Lily and Hazel were also on the same wavelength.

"Yes.  The theory is as important as the practical side.  Now we have some finer details to go over so why don't you kids go and play some games or something." Games? How old does he think we are? She looked at Caleb who shook his head.  "Of you go then." 

"Caleb, can, can I talk to you please?" 

"Yeah sure what's worrying you?"

"Let's go up to my room."

                Midnight sat at the top of her bed.  Caleb was standing by the door awkwardly.

"What's up?"

"I, oh this is going to sound stupid."  She sighed.  "What's your opinion on Lily?  I mean you know her better than any of use."

"Oh!"  He sat down on the end of the bed as if he expected something else.  "Well, she a big headed two-faced..."  Midnight mouth fell open.

"That's a lot of adjectives."  They laughed.  "Good.  No, what I mean is, I'm not paranoid."

"You're worried about Ash."

"Yeah," She sighed heavily.  "Jade and Hazel just think I'm jealous."

"And Ash?" 

"I told him I'm happy for him but I don't know if he believes me.  I just don't want this to get between us."  She buried her face in her hands.  Caleb indicated for her to budge up.  He sat down next to Midnight, put his arm round her and pulled her closer.

"It'll work out," he said soothingly.  It felt nice sitting with Caleb like this.  No not nice, right.  It felt as if she belonged there and she believed that everything would work out and that Ash wouldn't get hurt.  She looked up at him.  His face was so close to hers.

"Thank you Caleb."  Ash was right. I do like him.  He turned his head towards Midnight to look at her.


"Yes?"  The door swung up.

"Oh sorry," Jade, Hazel, Ash and Lily fell into the room, "Not disturbing anything are we."  The girls giggled. 

"We're leaving now Caleb," Lily said slightly satisfied.

"Oh right, okay," He stood up, "I'll see around then Midnight."  The five of them left.  Midnight slumped down on her bed.





The End

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