Chapter 4

There was another surprise for the quadruplets when they got to school.  As they got of the yellow school bus, everyone was crowded around something.  As they got closer they released it was someone not something.  There was a girlish giggle.

"Oh! This must be the Hargrave quadruplets."  In the middle of the crowd was a girl with long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes.  Jade put a smile on and strutted towards the girl.

"Hi, I'm Jade."  She put her hand out.  The girl took it.

"Lily Yates," she said in an American accent.  Lily Yates? Midnight recognised the name from somewhere and it came with unpleasant feelings.

"Oh what a wonderful accent," beamed Jade.

"Aren't you a sweetie.  Are you going to introduce me to the rest of the family then?"

"Of course.  This is Hazel, Midnight and Ash."  She pointed to each of them.  "Welcome to Black Ridge High."

          Throughout the day they could not get rid of Lily.  Jade and Hazel took to her like a duck to water but Midnight was a little weary of her.  Ash, on the other hand, wascompletely thrown of balance.  The new American girl at taken a shine to him.  He had never before had so much attention from a girl, let alone one like Lily.  Midnight felt slightly jealous.

         "So what do you think?"  It was lunch and it wa the first time they were alone.  For a change, they all sat together.

"She's just fantastic, so stylish," Hazel said in awe.

"I know!  How does she do it?  Maybe she could give us some tips."

"We'll have to ask."  Hazel pulled out her dairy and started flicking through.

"What do you make her Ash?  She seems to like you."  Jade leaned forward, putting her elbows on the table, resting her head in her hands.  He put his fork down and stared at his macaroni cheese.

"She, erm, she asked me to the cinema at the weekend,"  he stuttered, looking at Midnight for some kind of reinsurance that it was alright with her.

"Oh. My. God." Jades elbows fell of the table, her mouth wide open.


"Really?"  Hazel, like Jade, was shocked.

"Cool.  What you going to see?"  Midnights mind was racing.  She didn't want to be harsh but this wasn't right.  She daren't say so aloud so she kept calm.  But Ash saw right through his sister but decided not to do anything about.

"Dunno yet, but were meeting at 7 at the cinema."  Now, they were looking at Midnight.  She continued eating her ham salad sandwich.  "Well, erm, would you be able to help me pick and outfit?"  He asked tentatively.

"Yeah sure."  Just then Lily returned.


"How was school?" Midnight flung her bag on the kitchen floor next to the breakfast bar

"Alright."  She shrugged her shoulders and sat on a stool.

"What happened?"  Grandma put down her cup of tea and looked at her.

"Have you ever heard of Lily Yates?"

"Yes she's the Head Councillors' American niece.  Apparently she's a bit of a handful.  Why?"  Knew there was something about her, Midnight thought.

"Oh my God grandma!  There's this new girl in school, Lily Yates, she sooo stylish and guess what?"  Jade didn't wait for an answer, "She asked Ash out on a date!  Our Ash on a date!  Isn't he growing up?"  She wiped away a pretend tear and ruffled Ash's hair has he walked into the kitchen.


"Exactly" Midnight agreed with grandma.  Ash looked between them anxiously.

"What?"  Jade asked.

"Lily Yates is the niece of the Head Councillor."

"She's a witch!"  For the second time today Jades mouth fell open.

                Midnight was sitting on her white and black flower patterned bed, reading "1001 Magical Herbs".  There was a knock on the door.


"Can I come in?"  Ash popped his head round the door.  She closed the book and put it to the side.  She looked at him and smiled meekly.  She knew what he wanted to talk about and it worried her.  She should call Caleb he'll know more.  Ash came and sat on the edge of the bed.  There was a few minutes silence.

"About Lily, you are alright with me and her aren't you?"  He looked at her.

"Of course I am.  I'm happy for you."  At least I'll try to be. "And to be honest it's about time."  She tried to laugh but it didn't sound right.

"Thanks."  Ash looked down.

"You knew didn't you? Who she was?"

"Yeah, she told me.  So you're fine with the fact that she's from the Council then?

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"Because you hate the Council." You! Since when have you been a fan of the Council? But Midnight kept calm.

"Well, I like Caleb."

"And don't we all know it."  Ash said under his breath.

"Oi! What's that supposed to mean?" What was that supposed to mean?

"It's obvious you like him and it's obvious he likes you." 


Midnight spent most of the night staring at the ceiling.  Does Caleb really like her?  He couldn't.  That's just absurd and did she like him?  Alright he was cute and he was nice but that didn't mean she liked him.  But what could explain the butterflies in her stomach every time she saw him or spoke to him?  And the light headedness and the feeling weak?   Oh God.  I do like him.


Everyone knew about Ash and Lily in school the next day.  All sort of rumours were flying round.  Was she bribed?  Was it a dare?  Why couldn't everyone just believe that Lily like him?  But something isn't quite right. It was bugging Midnight.  There was something about Lily she couldn't put her finger on, like the way she looked at Ash then her as if say he's mine now.  Midnight would definitely phone Caleb when she got home.  But she didn't need to.  For the second time this week, the quadruplets arrived home to be greeted by two black BMW's.  Something was undoubtedly wrong.


Waiting for them in the dining room was the Council.  They were sat in silence.  The Head Councillor was sitting and the far end of the table and Grandma was sitting near the door. They stood up as they came in.  Caleb was standing against the wall again.  It was like déjà vu.

"Girls, Ash."

"Ah, just in time." 



The End

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