Chapter 3

It was 14th May that everyting started to change.  The weather had been indifferent and so had the mood in school.  There was something in the air that had unsettled everyone.  All four of them noticed it.

          They were walking home discussing this new mood, "It's all very strange," Hazel said running her hand through her head, "Like, like... oh I don't know!"  She gave up.  Ash had been unusually quiet all the way home.  Midnight looked at him quizzically.

"I know what you mean," Jade agreed.

"What do you think?"  Midnight asked Ash. The wind rustled the trees.  Jade pulled her coat tighter around her.

"Just that, well maybe the weather, the atmosphere is trying to tell us something, warn us about something," they looked at him surprised.  "What?"

"That was like the first  magical inclined comment you've ever made in your whole life."  He rolled his eyes at Jade.

"She's right though.  What makes you say that?"  Midnight asked.

"Just have a feeling 'bout it."  As they turned down the gravel drive, two black BMW's were parked there.  "Ah," Ash said calmly.

"Exactly."  Midnight and Ash looked at each other with frustration in their eyes.  It was the Witching Council.  Everything about the Witching Council sent a shiver down Midnights back.  That is except Caleb.  Caleb was the Head Councilors only son, which meant he would marry one of the Head Councilors' daughter from a different country, for diplomatic reasons of course.  A lot of bull as she was concerned.  He could also be classed as a close friend of Midnight.  She often phoned him for advice and vice versa.

"This should be fun," Hazel remarked as they headed towards the door.

          "Ah they you are."  Grandma stood to great the siblings.  They were in the dining room which meant it was serious.  To confirm this, there at the head of the great oak table was the Head Councillor himself, his wife, his second in charge, three other senior councillors and leaning against the wall was Caleb who was looking worse for ware.

"Why the hell are they here?" Ash hissed.

"Ash! Don't be so rude."  He was just about to answer back when Midnight put her hand on his arm and nodded.

"Miss Hargrave, nice to see you still have control of your brother."  She looked at the others.

"Sorry Head Councillor, but what exactly does that mean?" He smiled politely.

"Well thank you for your time," they all stood up.  The Head Councillor nodded at them and walked out.  Caleb stopped at the door.

"Nice seeing you again Midnight."  He smiled half heartedly.

The End

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