Chaper 2

"Midnight, Jade, Hazel Ash!"  Their grandma shouted up the stairs. "Tea's ready."  Midnight came down the stairs, her long black hair tied up in a ponytail.  She unclipped her fringe and put the silver slide into the pocket of her denim jeans.

"Jade's gone on a date.  Don't you remember her telling you this morning grandma?"

"Oh yes of course, with that Danny boy isn't it?" Jade was the eldest of the quadruplets by four minutes and had a different boyfriend every week.  One flick of her short blonde hair and one look from those jade green eyes and they were falling at her feet.

"No it's Cameron now."

Grandma sighed, "That girl really needs to sort out her priorities..."

"I know grandma."

"Needs to start thinking about her future..."

"I know grandma."

"And needs to learn to master her powers."  That was one think that Midnight kept thinking about.  When they turn sixteen in two months they would become fully fletched witches.  Her parents were extremely powerful, so she was told, which meant expectations were high for her, especially since everyone all was said she was most like them out of the quadruplets.  Her mother died a couple of days after they were born and their father died when they were just two.  Ever since they lived withe their grandma in Nottingham.  Midnight was also worried about Ash.  He never seemed to want to embrace his heritance.  Someday he would have to.

          Just then, Hazel caming running down the stairs holding on to the highly decorated banister.  The family wealth shown in the house.  It was a big, grand, 17th Century house with seven bathrooms, ten bedromms; one for each of the quadruplets, one for grandma, one for james the butler, one for jane the housekeeper, grandpa's old room and two spare bedrooms.  There was also two studies', two living rooms, three kitchens and a potions room in the cellar as well as a dining room, but they only used that when they had visitors. 

          Grandma was standing in the main kitchen reading a Jamie Oliver cook book. 

"I'm starving!"  Hazel said climbing onto one of the stools around the breakfast bar.  Hazel was the second eldest, born three minutes before Midnight.  She had red hair and I don't mean gingery red, it was unnaturally red, but beautiful, that hung in curls just past her shoulders and hazel eyes.  She reached for a glass and poured herself some orange juice. 

"You always are."  Midnight sat down opposite her, "Hey Ash." Ash was the youngest and only boy, born ten minutes after Midnight.  He had ash brown hair and dark grey eyes.  If you hadn't already noticed they were all named after either their hair or eye colour.  Midnight always thought it was just plain lazy put it wa a family thing.

          Ash sat next to Midnight.  They had a close bond and Ash had always been protective of Midnight.  This was because not long after their father died, Ash was in the garden were they had a pond.  It was too deep for him when he fell in.  If Midnight hadn't been watching him, well she didn't like to think what could have happened.  He felt he needed to repay her.

          "Didn't hear you coming," grandma handed them a plate each.

"I was doing some homework for biology."  Hazel froze, eyes wide. "You've forgotten to do it,"  Ash said rolling his eyes, "Someday and someday soon you will remember to do your homework and won't need to copy of me."

"Yes but until then..."

"No."  Ash cut in.

"Come on, please?" Hazel begged him "Just this last time?"


          School next day flew by.  All four of them attended Black Ridge High and nobody knew what they were but were all well know because they were quadruplets.  Jade and Hazel embraced this and became part of the 'populars'.  Midnight and Ash prefered to hang out with a small group of close friends but whether or not she like it, Midnight was also one of the 'populars'.  Ash was seen as the geek of them, the one who sat quitely in class and got straight A's.  He didn't seem to fit in but he didn't might.  He just got on with it.





The End

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