Chosen One

"Do it for me," she whispered in his ear flicking her golden hair, "Please?"  It was more like a command than a question.  Her voice seemed to have him in a trance.  There was no life in his dark grey eyes as he started at his sister who was tied to a wooden post.  Around her, were piles of wood as if they were going to burn the girl.  In fact, that's exactly what Lily had in mind for this pathetic excuse of a witch.  A smile crept acrossLilys face has she looked at her.  She was helpless.  Her own brother was going to burn her.  The strange thing was, there was no anger in her face.  She wasn't even scared.   The smile quickly turned to a snarl.  Lily picked up her grandmothers scissors and walked towards her.  She grabbed the girls long, midnight, black hair and glared her in the eye.

"You think your so special don't you!"Why did they pick her?  She's not worthy to be the chosen one.  It should be me.  And now it will be.  The girl took her eyes from the floor and looked at Lily. There was pit in her eyes. Pity!  "I don't need your pity!"  Lily spat at her.  Raising the scissors, she cut her hair to a short bob.  The girl simply looked down again.  Walking back over to the boy, she handed him a lit torch.

"Kill her!  Burn her to the ground.  She no longer means anything to you.  She doesn't love you.  But I do." The last bit she said sweetly.  She had to stop herself from laughing.  "And if you do this, we can be together, forever.  Don't you want that Ash?"

The End

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