My parents have always told me that everything happens for a reason. But for one reason or another I've always blown the idea off.

On my sixteenth birthday, though, I was chosen.

It wasn't like it was something I wanted. Or something that anyone could have predicted. Well, anyone other than Them couldn't have predicted it. I was normal. Your average teenager. A junior in high school, taking mainly AP classes, receiving mediocre grades. I played basketball and was on the swim team. Junior Class Treasurer. I was single. I had a group of girls that were my best friends; we did everything together. I had a twin brother, Tom. I was looking into attending a UC Berkeley or UC Santa Barbara after high school. I was looking into the possibility of majoring in English Lit. I wanted to be a high school English teacher.

I was normal.

But this changed me. Changed my future. Changed my expectations, my goals, my relationships.

They changed me.

And in return-

I changed the world.

The End

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