Chapter Two (Part II)Mature

Zeus continues speaking evenly, but I can see his fingers quivering. “A group of witchcraft fanatics, humans, had gotten their hands on an old, long-lost prophecy and believed it their duty to make sure it followed through—they found a way to wrench open the gates of the Empty dimension to allow Isadora to escape, albeit in a weakened state. Her whereabouts are as of yet unknown, but it has been reported that she was last seen in Waverly, a non-civilized dimension. We believe it will be very difficult for her to breach any of the Forty Dimensions without our taking proper measures to attempt to defeat her once again.”

“How could you let this happen? You insufferable fools! You call yourselves our rulers?” someone interjects.

“Keep your mouth shut!” Poseidon demands.

“Hermes, put me down or get me out of here,” I say, and my own voice feels foreign to my ears.


“Hermes.” I look at his perfect face, marred only by his concern. “Please.”

He presses his lips together and nods. I allow my eyes to close for a few seconds, and promptly the pain subsides. I am being carefully laid down onto a bed, all the paralyzing feelings of anger, frustration, confusion, and heartbreak gone. I exhale shakily and allow the aching tears to spill. Violent sobs take over my body, and all I know is the liberating feeling of relief.

“Oh, God, Charlie,” Hermes whispers. He drops down to his knees and strokes my forehead once the sobs have relaxed into whimpers.

“W-Where are we?”

“Just upstairs. My room.”

I nod.

“Charlie, what the hell happened?”

“I don’t know. It’s never happened before,” I tell him. “I guess you were right. I should’ve been nervous.”

Hermes frowns. “It’s not like I knew this would happen, either. I just had a feeling they’d react exactly like this.”


The End

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