Chapter One (Part XII)Mature

Zeus continues with an even voice.

“Three hundred years ago, the Uniplex faced an almost insurmountable tragedy. Millions of lives were lost, dimensions left in ruins. Isadora Amos attempted to take over the Uniplex and failed. But not without consequence. It took all of our power, our unity as the supernatural race, to defeat her. So many died fighting for our posterity, for justice. And three centuries later, they remain in our hearts.”

He paused, eyes then darting in my direction.

Keep going. They’re alright. For now.

“Ahem. Before Isadora Amos’ birth, the Uniplex had been nearing chaos; there existed so much violent discord within each of the dimensions that we found no other solution. The twelve of us decided to create a thirteenth god, a most unusual decision, but necessary nonetheless. A being powerful enough to protect the innocent, punish the guilty, and keep peace among the entire Uniplex. Each of us gave a little part of ourselves to her and pulled her essence out of the Sea.

“Isadora Amos assumed the body of a beautiful young woman. She was pleasant and fair for most of her life before fully realizing the magnificent extent to her power, and, worst of all, her taste for the kill. She began to take pleasure in torturing the guilty, refused to follow our directions until she had forgotten her true purpose altogether. She suddenly wanted to change the Uniplex, make it bend to her will. And when she was done with us, she would reign hell and terror and destruction upon us, destroy all reason for anything.

The End

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