Chapter One (Part IX)Mature

I guess the closest I’ve been to that sort of feeling was this one time in this park in Paris. I remember being terribly upset the first few days after learning of my so-called destiny; my powers were so new and had tethered themselves to my emotions. Things would fly all around me, I would abruptly jolt into the air without meaning to, inadvertently cast charms on people who’d managed to get a rise out of me. I spurred a 7.6 earthquake in the town during a particularly miserable night. Feeling like a monster, I buried myself beneath my covers and eventually ended up sitting on a park bench in my pajamas. My spidey sense gave me the strong suspicion that I was no longer in Burnsville, but Paris.

I could see a young couple in the distance, dancing underneath the night lamps, a record player by their feet. It was the Chopin piece; it was the first time I’d ever heard it, and I haven’t forgotten it since.

How odd the whole thing was still confuses me to this day. What are the chances of me ending up in France to catch this moment, and allow myself to be a part of it?

There was a minute of almost-clarity I felt in that deserted park; no whispering voices in my head, no foreign feelings of misery and frustration I would pick up from those around me. Just a couple of twentysomethings head over heels in love. It was a new love; they’d just met each other a few days prior and I could tell the both of them were so relieved to have found one another, despite all their thoughts being in French.

The End

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