Chapter One (Part VII)Mature

She leads us to the main room, which has been turned into a sort of dance floor. It’s filled with various deities from the Forty Dimensions, only a few I recognize. Some are dancing, some are socializing, like none of them have any idea they have come here to receive practically the worst news ever. And they don’t.

“Charlie, sweetheart,” Aphrodite whispers imploringly. “Look. Happy.”

I plaster on a reluctant smile and look over at Hermes, who seems to be doing the same.

“Hermes, Charlie, there you are!” I hear Zeus call out. He excuses himself from the group of witches he’s been making small talk with and heads over in our direction, eyes alight. Hera trails behind him, looking relieved at the sight of my dress.

“Hey, Dad,” Hermes says. His lip curls in the presence of Hera, a natural reaction. His aura briefly glints a dark red before glowing golden again. I feel a wave of resentment from Hera, which dazes me momentarily.

Hera’s nothing like Aphrodite. She’s hateful, vengeful, judgmental, and extremely unpleasant in front of Zeus’ children—Hermes being one of them. I can feel the negativity just dripping off her skin when I’m in the same room with them both. Being an empath, her feelings become mine and suddenly Hermes seems so disgusting I can’t stand him until she goes away. A feeling I don’t enjoy in the slightest.

I do my best not to make a big deal out of it, much like Hermes does. But I will admit he is much better at tolerating Hera than I am. Zeus is blissfully ignorant to the whole thing; Hera keeps her hatred just as hushed as we do. But once he’s not around, she isn’t afraid to reveal her true, bitchy self.

The End

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