Chapter One (Part I)Mature

Sixteen-year-old Charlie Parker is chosen to defeat the most destructive being to ever walk the Uniplex, who has escaped hell to bring about the Apocalypse. Charlie must give up her humanity and band together the entire superhuman race to stand a chance against Isadora Amos, the ultimate Iniquity.

-chapter one-

If I close my eyes and picture myself in a still meadow, the sea of voices slow to a stop. I can taste the freesia on my tongue in one inhale; feel the rays of sun thrum against my skin and catch the silver notes that gently float from the birds overhead. It’s a trick I picked up just a while ago.

Of course, I am fully aware that I cannot spend a lifetime avoiding the voices in some imaginary meadow—but I often find they become too loud to bear. Especially here. Always here.

The time of day I begin to wish I could fade into the wallpaper.

High school.

More specifically, the forty painful minutes inside this cafeteria, the loudest place of the day. In the table to my right, Johanna Sachs is eyeing me strangely. Since losing my humanity, she seems to have noticed the change in me—but her keen observance is unfortunately only due to her irritating curiosity and love for gossip.

She’s so weird, I hear her mutter in her head. Why does she just sit there all alone?

I watch her aura glow a chipper yellow. I ignore her for the most part—as I often do—and attempt to return to my unfinished math homework; but the babbling gush of whispering voices grow too loud to hear myself think over. My fingers twitch, itching for the much more convenient shortcut.

I don’t quite like the shortcut.

Despite all the things my body and mind have become capable of doing, I like to maintain at least an inkling of normality in my life.

It would start with the math homework. One snap and it’s done. What then? Who’s to say I won’t go snapping away every other thing that causes me annoyance?

No, I can’t.

The End

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