Choosing the Things

We choose the things that will help us for the future

We chose the things that will make us better

We choose the things that will give us strength

We choose the things to be stronger in what we do

We choose the things because it makes us happy

We choose thing things because for the most part it will help us…

But what about…

Choosing the things we hold dear,

Choosing the things that make us sad,

Choosing the things that made us happy before,

Choosing the things that makes sense to us,

What about those things?

Can they be in the drawing too?

 Because choosing these things,

Will help us for the future,

Will help make us be better,

Will give us strength to keep going,

Will make us stronger in what we do,

Will makes us happy!

These are the things we choose.

We choose the things, because all we want in life is to know we have chosen right!

The End

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