"Sorry, I was stranded in the mountains, and on my way to yonder town when something back there decided I looked tasty."

"You should know better than to wander off into this wilderness unprepared, but stranded, that's a little different. Any idea what's following you?"

"No, I just took off down the path as quickly as I could."

He nodded approvingly, though he eyed the pack on my back cautiously. "Do you think it's still following you?"

"I can't hear it now."

"Then you should be alright. How about I give you an escort into 'yonder town,' as you put it, and we'll see if we can get you straightened out?"

If I should say: "I think I can handle myself, thank you." GoTo 016

If I should say: "Thank you, that'd be most welcome." GoTo 017

The End

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