The path wandered back and forth down the side of the mountan, losing altitude slowly, and I probably could have saved some time by cutting across the switchbacks, but this was unfamiliar territory and I didn't want to be any more rash than necessary. Besides, being in a hurry is when accidents happen. Nonetheless, it still wasn't too long before I dropped below the treeline and the sight of a distant town was lost to me.

I pulled out a compass from a side pocket of the back-pack, leaving it tethered loyally to the bag, just in case, and the needle seemed to resolutely point back up the mountainside. That was reassuring, even if wherever I was, they didn't call that direction "North." I set my eyes southward, and continued on.

Thirty minutes or so after I lost sight of the mountainside behind me, I heard a snarling in the underbrush, close by, and headed closer.

Should I run into the underbrush in the opposite direction? GoTo 008

Should I run down the path? GoTo 009 

Should I stand my ground? GoTo 012

The End

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