I turned and trudged back to my car, forcing myself to be remorseful when I wanted to skip with glee.

I patted my car again, reassuring myself that it was still there and not going anywhere, and opened the driver's-side door. Instead of climbing in, I popped the trunk, and then walked around the back of the car.

I pulled out a hiking back-pack, half as tall as myself, already loaded down with essentials that would get me through one night. From the back seat, I grabbed two of a dozen filled water bottles and hooked them to my belt, then stuck some snack bars into my pockets, before opening one up for breakfast. Finally, I pulled out my walking stick, an artifact of day hikes with my father as a child, hoisted the backpack first on the now closed trunk and then onto my back, and started down the mountain toward the town.

Should I keep to the path? GoTo 005

Should I cut cross-country? GoTo 006

Should I follow the path but keep off of it? GoTo 007

The End

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