I turned around in my seat, leaning against the one beside me for a better view into the back. I snagged one each of the water bottles off the floor and boxes of snack bars, ripping the latter open and dropping it back down.

Back forward again, I had myself a quick and easy breakfast, watching the sun come up and light the landscape below me.

It was beautiful and all, but it wasn't really my world. As much as I had dreamed of a life in a time before the industrial era, when man had only barely begun to threaten the great beast that was nature, and when there was still as much of a hope and fear of magic in the world, I rightly belonged among computers and technology. Unless...

There was that nagging feeling again. I didn't like admitting to myself the possibility of a higher power, playing dice--or worse, marbles--with the world, and intervening when something wasn't going the way it should. But between my dreams and inability to "wake up," maybe this was where I was supposed to be...

I shook my head, swallowing the rest of the snack bar, washing it down with another swallow of water, before leaning back around.

Twelve bottles of water, including this one, barely started; four six-packs of snack bars, all almond; five lined, spiral notebooks, still shrink-wrapped; two spare pairs of shoes; two boxes of water purifying tablets; a week's worth of clothes; a spare sleep bag and pad; and a walking stick with plenty of memories attached along for the ride. And that was just the backseat.

I cleaned up the passenger's side seat some, whittling the time away for lack of anything to do, procrastinating going anywhere, avoiding admitting this world might be real by refusing to go out and touch it. My CDs went back into their case, more or less in order; my food wrappers, tossed aside while driving, shoved into a garbage bag; and both dropped to the back-seat floor. I climbed over the center consol, grabbed one of the well-read books that remainded on the floor, leaned back the seat, turned to a random page, and started to read.

If I picked up a book involving virtual reality, GoTo 100

If I picked up a book involving multiple worlds, GoTo 200

If I picked up a book involving natural disasters, GoTo 300 

The End

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