Choose your own polyamory adventureMature

like a choose your own adventure, i'm looking for readers to make decisions as to where the story goes.

Pete wishes to make a special weekend for Abby. After talking to all members of his poly group he sets out complete with cheesy props and butterflies in his stomach to see if his idea is accepted by abby.


I knew five o’clock could not have rolled around fast enough for her on a Friday.  In retrospect I should have called to let her know I would be by this afternoon, but what the hell, everyone loves a good surprise, right?  I was hoping this would be a good surprise- maybe a very good surprise. 

I wanted to wait outside the office till I knew she was the only one left in the place.  She normally worked a little later than 5 finishing her charts after the chaos of patients.  When I pulled in there were two cars left, her Honda and the doctors Lexus.  I only had to wait about 5 minutes for the doctor to come out.  I had heard her say more than once that the doctor was almost always the first one out the door.  Today he must have been working overtime too. 

I ducked my head as the doctor drove by.  I doubted she even knew who I was, but it never hurts to be on the safe side.  I grabbed the lone purple rose I had picked up earlier and headed to the back door of the office.  Abby did not know I was coming, and I did not want to scare her, so I tried to make as much noise as I could as I entered the office.  The door had a creak to it that should have alerted a sleeping elephant, but you never know. 

Abby was hunched over her desk looking over what appeared to be charts.  I knocked on the door frame outside her cubicle.  All my crashing and banging must have warned her that someone was here because she did not startle when I knocked just looked up and then looked bemused. 

“Hey, what are you doing here?” she said in mild surprise.

Pulling the flower from behind my back and grinning like a teenager asking a girl out, I said, “Well, I just wanted to come by and see ya.  I saw the doc leave—actually I waited for the doc to leave.  I…”

Abby looked around quickly and made sure we were alone.  After all, our relationship was… different. 

“I talked to Rick (that’s her husband) and he ok’ed my plans.  That is if you’re interested in hearing what they are?” I stammered.  This was a new experience for me and I was more than a little nervous.  I had talked about my plan to Rick and Jill (my wife) but was not sure how Abby was going to feel about it.  My nerves were apparently having a ho-down as I could not quite fidgeting and moving.  I could tell, however, that Abby knew exactly how nervous I was and was starting to taunt me. 

“So what’s the weather outside?  Is it hot out?  We could go for a ride topless- in the jeep I mean, of course.  Abby’s eyes gleamed with something I could not quite figure out…


New game.  What would you do?  Like a choose your own adventure just between us.  this is for fun I need something to fill my mind and why not a good daydream for two… or a lot more!  So below are your choices if you want to play along tell me what you think- feel free to choose something that I don’t have down too.


1.        Keep talking about the weather and ignore any hint of what Pete is talking about.

2.       Ask Pete Just what his plan is.

3.       Keep talking about anything but avoid the plan hoping that Pete will spill the beans.

4.       Tell Pete that you don’t know what he’s up to but you may not have time for what ever it is.

5.       Show Pete your interest by moving around the desk and kissing him.

The End

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