Choose Your Own Path

You choose everything


You are on the street, waiting for a taxi. You are excited, because the taxi is going to take you to the haunted mansion. The taxi arrives. The driver is very small, he covers his face with a cloth. He tells you to hop in. You don't know what to say, do you want to tell where you really want to go? Or not? The driver seems untrustable.

If you tell, go to 1. If you don't, go to 2.


You tell him you want to go to the haunted mansion. He laughs, and quickly drives away into the dark night.  When you arrive, he says you are at the haunted mansion, and you will have to spend your night here. The gates are closed, and you ask him how do you get in. He says climb or give money to me to open them for you. If you give money, go to 3. If you don't, and climb, go to 4.


You decide the driver is untrustable, and you tell him you want to go to a restraurant. He drives you to any old restraurant, but when you ask him where it is, he says it is in the haunted house. You were right! He is untrustable, what to do now? If you order him to stop, and then jump out, go to 5. If you jump out, go to 6.


You decide to give money, what if you were climbing and you dropped? You think, the gates are pretty high. When the driver sees the money, he grabs it and knocks you out. The last thing you remember is a rough hand going into your pocket grabbing at your wallet and then throwing you into the frontyard of the haunted house after getting the keys out of his pocket , and pushing open the gates. From now on, you will roam the haunted house, pushing your hand into people's pockets, looking for money. Go back to O.


You decide to climb,because what if you pay the money and he does something bad to you? You hoist your body onto a stone gargoyle and try to reach the top of the gate. The tip of your fingers touch the top of the gate, and you tippy toe. Your fingers can just curl around the spikes poking out of the top of the gate. You pull up your body, and down below you can see the grinning face of the driver, pulling out his gun. Thank goodness I didn't stay down there with the money, you think, then you relise that he will shoot you, and quickly get over  the gate. There are two doors at the front of the mansion , the left one is glowing with an eerie green light, and the right door had a iron fence surrounding it. Though you could climb the small fence. If you choose the right door , go to 7.If you choose to go through the left door, go to 8.


You decide to tell the driver to stop. The driver considers this for a moment, then stops. You jump out. You don't know where the driver stopped. There is a big gate in front of you. There is a man standing at the gate. You go closer. He is your driver. There is a car next to him. He quickly gets into his car, and drives up to you. You don't know what to do. If you get in his taxi, and tell him where to go again, just in case he forgets you were meant to go to there, go to 1.If you don't get in, go to 1 in the next chapter. 


You decide to jump out. You think, if I told him to stop, he might get suspicious. You open the window, and it looks like the driver can hear you pressing the automatic window opener. When you get ready to jump out, the driver begins to unwrap the cloth. You don't want to see what's underneath that cloth, so you jump.You tumble onto the cold gravel underneath the car. The last thing you remember is hitting the hard ground with a big thump, and being dizzy. Then your heart does one last thump. Go back to 0.


You decide to go through the right door. You climb over the iron fence, and it does you no good. You remember hearing yourself scream, while a eagle-like creature flies out of the door, screeching and picking up your head. Go back to 0.


You go through the left door. The iron fence was probably there to keep something in. Or protect it, you think. When you open the left door, the eerie green light floods the frontyard. Do you go in? It could be dangerous. Or maybe you run out of the frontyard. If you go in, go to 2 in the next chapter. If you run away, go to 3 in the next chapter.



The End

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