There was a small woman with purple hair

A teeny tiny woman, no more than two feet high, stepped through the rubble that used to be a wall. Looking at Jim, she let out a shriek and sent her lavender hair flying in different direction. It wrapped itself people's waists and sent them flying into walls. One particulary thick strand wrapped around Jim and dragged him over to the woman. She stared into his eyes and hissed.

"Give me my spaceship!"

"You mean the prize? I didn't even win it!"

The woman scowled. "Those foolish humans stole it! You can help me get it back or face my wrath!"



"It's kind of hard to choose when someone is constricting you." The woman nodded and to his surprise, she let him go. Jim turned and saw Jem and Paul run out of the bar.

"Well?' The woman asked.

The End

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