Stomp on the earpiece, deny, and accuse HER of cheating

You move your foot, crushing the earpiece, leaving a very small spot of debris on the floor: it looks like a tiny dust spot.

"What are you talking about?" You say. "I won fair and square! You're just jealous!"

Lolita gapes at you, then says, "You're such a horrible liar. Look on the floor!"

Quickly, you spread the dust out over the floor under your foot, making it almost impossible. Some of the helpers look on the floor around you, and you lift your feet for them to see underneath.

"There's nothing there, Lolita," they say.

"She's trying to sabotage my winning," you say drily, relieved that you escaped discovery.

The host is still smiling his plastic smile. "Well, what say we ignore this scenario and you get on your spaceship?"

You nod, and get in. A hatch in the roof opens, and you fly away. It's only then that you realize you forgot your coffee machine.

What do you do?

The End

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