Drop the jacket, run to the spaceship, and hope it's fueled up and unlocked

His hand grabs for the door handle, his fingers sliding over the smooth chrome. Jim pulls expectantly, he yanks, but no, its locked. He turns to the game show host to find her dangling the fob. Then horror she glances down, then she stares at his peed trousers. They follow her eyes, then everyone is staring, then the voice "the poor bugger has peed himself"  A small snigger, then another and another and then everyone laughs!

Jim stretches for the key fob, fumbles, then unlocks the door. They look after him, someone shouts "dont stain the seats, for god sake!" Yes, its got fuel, he charges the engine and starts to move, faster and faster and up. He lets his head settle on the head rest and smiles as he leaves their worlds atmosphere. Looking down below the dash board he sees the red switch, they are exactly in his firing line, before he sets his own course, he wonders, do they deserve it?

The End

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