He relieves himself in the alley.

Jim slipped out of the door he pressumed was the bathroom. It was not. it was in fact, ta side door, leading onto a little alley. He decided it was good enough, seeing as he wouldn't make it back inside anyway. So, as quick as he could, he slipped open his trousers and relieved himself there.

Just as he was done, he heard a giggle disguised as a couch from behind him. Whipping round, he saw a tall, red headed girl.

'Ah well this is awkward.' he smiled, making her giggle again.

'So what are you doing here?' she asked

'Um... couldn't find the toilet...' Jim replied awkwardly.

'No, I mean at the t'v's!' She smiled.

'Oh, I was on a show. I didn't enjoy it much!'

'Hm. well, if you didn't like being on it, why don't you just not come on.' before heould as what she meant, she spoke again. 'Want to come and have a drink with me?'

He found himself following her through the unfamilliar streets to a bar named Steven's. She ordered them both Tequila's and started slurping up hers. Jim started sipping his self-consciously.

Just then, a tall man lumbered up to them and put his hand on the girl's shoulder.

'Jem, haven't seen you for a while.'

'Yeah. Nice to see you Paul. I've been going to different places recently.'

'Cool. I like to see someone's loyal! But please come to Sticky's tomorrow?'

'Sure. Make sure you turn up this time.' she replied with a playful smile.

'I'll just sit on this stall, sipping this tequila.' Jim murmured.

There was a loud crash from the corner.

The End

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