Worst film ever (dumb)

"What is the worst film ever?" Jim answered.

A buzzer sounded beside him, and the other male contestant screamed, "Battlefield Earth!"

"Definitely The Love Guru," the female contestant muttered.

"You're all wrong!" the announcer exclaimed. "Cleopatra had the most costumer changes at the time. And for the record, Batman and Robin was voted as the worst film of all time by readers of Empire Magazine."

"I have to pee," Jim said.

The announcer shot him a knowing look. "Aaaaaand it's about time for a commercial break. Please stay tuned for a word from out sponsor, Gaviscon. Gaviscon, and it's gone!"

"Still have to pee." Jim was danced behind his podium now.

"Down the hallway, it's on the left," the announcer replied, pulling a bottle of scotch from his own podium. The other two contestants were engaged in a battle of words over the title of worst film ever. Jim hurried to leave, anxious to both relieve himself and avoid any physical confrontation on stage.

"Down the hallway, on the left. Down the hallway, on the left," he chanted to himself. The words became his mantra. Walking down the hall, though, he couldn't find any rooms on the left, only a door marked as the exit. He opened it to investigate, but it led only to the side alley between this studio and the next.

His bladder was burning, so he had to make a decision quick!

The End

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