Choose your own dumb adventure

The clock was ticking, and Jim really needed to pee. It was hard to tell which of these was agitating him more, though perhaps it was the act of trying to figure it out that was the true culprit. In any case, it was severely limiting his ability to maintain focus on the task at hand. 

He squeezed out an acceptable smile at the camera and answered, "what is... Antarctica?" 

"That is CORRECT!" shouted the announcer. "But, as I've said, this isn't Jeopardy, you don't have do the whole 'what is' business..."

The woman standing next to Jim chuckled. He wanted to hit her.

"Alrighty," said the announcer, "that brings us back to a tie, which means... Ladies and gentlemen, this is the last question of the night, whoever gets this right is going home with the ENTIRE prize. It all comes down to this question... I don't know about you folks at home, but our audience can literally FEEL the tension in the room right now..."

"Aghhh," Jim groaned aloud at the inappropriate use of the word 'literally'and had to bite his lip to avoid correcting the announcer again. His last correction hadn't been received all that well. Just one more question, his brain chanted at him.

"Buzzers ready, contestants... and..." 

Just get on with it...

"... the final question is..."


"In 1996, the film Evita took what Guinness World Record previously held by the 1963 film Cleopatra?"

Jim smashed the button with all his not-so-pent-up rage, and in the microseconds that followed, racked his brain for the answer.

"What is..."

The End

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