The Door Shouts At You

"What are you doing? Don't you know you should always knock?"

Embarrased you shuffle back towards Jamie, apologising to the door.

"As punishment for being rude you must go on a mini quest to find my key!"

The door cackles as you are sucked into a small digital world with awful graphics. You realise that you are mostly made of squares and are wearing a small red hat with an M on it.

You gently stroke your mustache in musing with the strange desire to plumb and make pizza.

Suddenly out of nowhere a blond bimbo wearing a pink swishy dress and a tiara runs screaming past you, followed by a giant spikey turtle.

"Help me Mario!!" She screams. Who the hell is Mario? Well your sure as hell not going to help her, if she didn't want the male attention prehaps she shouldn't have so much clevage on show.

All of a sudden you notice there is a key attached to her very ornate tiara.

"Oh gosh" You sigh as you realise you probably have to save the hussie.

The End

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