God arrives, dancing a jig (they do say he moves in mysterious ways)

"He is God and this is his song ,sing it sing it sing along

if you dont think that we can sing it faster then your wrong" 

A chorus of angels sung as one held up a boom box  to give god a beat.

He carried on dancing. "Here he said"

I had Limbs and i could breath YEY !!!

The two girls screeched as i emerged on their dinner table.

Thanks god .... im still wondering how i managed to shake my fist when i only have fins !  That doesnt matter though right ???

Can you please take me and jamie and these girls back to some form of reality

I miss Nigela and i need to save the world !!!

"Whatever from? " God asks

well the forces that have turned me into a fish for one , the kracken and the fudge monsters maybe!

Sorry about that A bug got into my files and messed everything up ! Things like thi never happned when everthing was handwriten!

I will need to sort them out which could take years and years if the bugs not sorted . or you could try and help me and save the world from this ordeal ... even if its not possible its possible ...dammed bugg 

The End

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