You tell him you have no idea whats goin on and hope he can explain

"I'm sorry". You tell him "I have no idea whats going on. I really wish I could help you. Do you have any idea why any of this is happening?"

"Dear this has always been happening" he says "The fudge monsters invaded my home planet too" So i flew here in the maple tree. Unfortunaly some of them followed me here. they brought with them the absurdidty of their world and it has been inflicted on the earth unfortunalty.

They pick lots of things up from where ever they travel to make a wolrd of their own they were jealous cause their world is blank and frankly sucks. so they see things and copy them from places they go

But why are they following you ? why do they invade if they want things cant they just see them and copy them

"Unfortunatly no. they used to but they collected so much mishmash that they cant help dragging it with themand covering other worlds in it . They enjoy the kaos !

"Umm isnt it spelt chaos?"

"Not in their world" 

"so what about my question why are they following you ??"

The End

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