You head for the smells like someone's ordered a pizza!

Ou manage to get down the ladder before the devil has noticed your cunning escape plan.

The smell of pizza you realise is the smell of a large pepperoni pizza walking towards you.

"Stop!" you say loudly.

"I have to welcome my guests," replies the pizza, confused.#

You are perplexed as to why a pizza man would live in a sewer, but decide that enough weird stuff ahs happend today, so you just go with the flow.

"my name is Orlando." The pizza says, offering a squishy, doughey hand for you to shake.

You shake hands and introduce yourself to Orlando.

"shouldnt you be callled Hawaii?" you ask, giggling at the horrendously terrible joke you just made.

"No, he lives next door, he's annoying, don't talk to him."

What to do next?

The End

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