You grab onto the tree as it turns purple and the ground disapears from under your feet

you climb further up the tree as there is nowhere else to go you find a small door in the tree and go in it.

You marvel as you enter the huge tree rocket ship

It is suprisingly easy to manouver . As you are playing around with the controls a dog in a dog in a austronaut suit comes out of the bathroom with toliet roll stuck to his paw

"What are you doin here?" he asks

"Omg a talking dog" you say

"Yes, did you hear my cry for help before?"

"That was you?" You seem to have compleatly stoped caring that he is a talking dog. Hell weirder things have happened to you today. I thought i was just being funny when i said it could have been a very clever dog i didnt think it would actualy be a rocket scientist dog.

The End

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