Finishing your last peanut butter cookie, and fingering after the crumbs, you confront the hotelier -- determined to register -- and somehow regain your amour.

Licking the last of the cookie from your lips, you whip out the trusty lightsaber, ready for battle. Unfortunately, lightsabers don't get signal in Torquay (something to do with the force being weak in the region) and you're left holding nothing but a pair of maraccas.

 The hotelier continues to dance his merry dance, singing "her name is Rio and sheee dances on the saaannd!"

 Despite his rather clumsy dancing, he has a divine singing voice, showing an ability to switch between baritone and falsetto with ease. It's the dancing that's the problem though, and he frolics ignorant of the fallen keys behind him. It's too dangerous to pass him, but you must have a room.


The End

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