You get out the sword of Ishra-ni (that was conveniently on the table. Don't know why you didn't see it there before...)

You point it at the hampsters foot threatening to make him look like wormtail in rat mode with one missing finger or more.

The hampster begins to cry .. but but im all alllone ='( 

You feel sorry for him too. "I know" you yell "How about i get you a date with Juaves from G-Force? She may be a guinee pig shes a movie star!" you waggle your eyebrows

He agrees and Nigela smiles at you

You will need to get her to a therapist right away but you realise .. wait a second how come she eats all that food and never gets fat ?? Maybe she can help me sort out my fudge monster problem !!

You call up agent Juaves and get her to meet you in the hampsters cage.

He hands over nigela

you know must decide what to do first

The End

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