You gobble it up, as Jamie Oliver appears with a red light saber...

It is common knowledge -- in a galaxy far, far away -- that peanut butter, especially peanut butter rendered into cookie form, and especially peanut butter cookies prepared lovingly by a true descendant of the House of Lawson can be ingested to temporarily boost one's metaclorian level.

In short -- an instant energy boon during protracted combat, or online gaming.

JOOOSSSHHH! -- Your light saber, red and white, slowly twirling like a barbershop pole, stands en garde.

Jamie Oliver's eyes are burning embers, watching you munch another peanut butter cookie. Nigella stands by you: silver cookie tray at the ready.

Jamie ventures a verbal parry -- "Those are full of the very worst kind of fats -- You do realize that?"

Both cheeks full, you counter -- "Look -- I will be fatter!"

That knocks back the Sith chef better than force push might've.

Jamie Oliver does his dramatic best -- "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

The End

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