What you really want to do is get into film though

You get a lucky break filming die rider 2.6797. Bruce willis says hello to you as you film him kissing david hasselhoff.

You realise your just being used for Bruce Willis' and David Hasselhoff's last chance to win an oscar, by stealing Brookeback mountain's idea.

Suddenly Heath Ledger comes on his skateboard, and saves you from the oscar hungry maniacs, who seem to think your name is oscar and that you look rather tasty. Heath eats them for breakfast.

"woah, your awesome, i love you!" you exclaim madly.

"steady on, unfortunately dead people cant love alive people."

At first you think he's referring to himself, but then you realise he meant that you are the one who's dead.

You remember you sold you soul to the devil to get your lucky break in the first place.

The devil rises form hell to take you. 

What do you do?

The End

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