Don't Eat the Hamburgers

Haley sat down at Lyra's table. Another girl was sitting at the table. She smiled at both girls.

"So, this is your first day, right?" Lyra asked. She took a bite of her food.

"Yeah." Haley's simple answer was coupled with another smile.

"You don't say much, do you?" Lyra asked. Haley didn't say anything. She just smiled again. "Well, that's okay. I can do all the talking. I can talk for both of us, even." Gesturing at the other girl at the table, she continued: "Oh, by the way, this is Jen. Her name is actually Jennifer, but I don't know anyone who calls her that ... except for maybe her older brother."

Haley looked at Jen, nodding a greeting. "It's nice to meet you."

"Same here," Jen replied. "Did you just move into town?"

"Yeah," Haley responded.

"Where from?" Lyra asked.

"Green Valley." The other girls looked at her weird. Obviously, they had never heard of the town. "It's in a different state. Long way away."

"Welcome to Red River," Lyra said as she took another bite.

For the first time since she sat down, Haley had the chance to look down at her tray. There was a pizza that looked like it was made of plastic in the larger meat compartment of her tray. She picked it up and took a bite. Surprised, she stated, "I thought this pizza would taste bad, but it is pretty good."

"That's about the only thing that you can eat from here," Jen warned. "And, whatever you do ... "

Lyra finished her sentence for Jen. "Don't eat the hamburgers. They are as dry as can be. I had the hamburger when I first started coming here, and I had to drink two cartons of milk."

Haley felt a little more comfortable. She was a little surprised because normally she didn't make friends this fast, but being friends with Jen and Lyra seemed like a good match. 

Looking over at Jen's tray, Haley asked, "How's the mac and cheese?"

"Better than the other thing my line was serving," Jen said, making a yucky face, her tongue sticking out and wagging around.

"What was the other thing?" Haley asked with a mouth full of pizza.

"Hamburgers!" Jen exclaimed.

"Don't eat the hamburgers," Lyra repeated, and all three girls laughed.

"I'll remember that," Haley stated. "Don't eat the hamburgers."

The End

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