Haley went through the school doors. It was her first day in a new school. She was tense and frightened. "Will I be the class dork, nerd,loved or popular?" She thought. School and popularity had put on her a huge pressure.

Since it was her first day, she decided not to talk or befriend anyone but to observe. She didn't want to befriend the losers and she didn't know who they were in this school. One small conversation with them and her future in this school will be doomed. She entered her class and waited for the bell to ring.

Students started entering the class and Haley observed everyone. Some were easily judged others weren't. Her first day conclusion was that Jessica was the most popular girl and everyone wanted to befriend her. Anne was the nerd of the class- she loved math and physics. Lyra seemed a normal girl, she belonged to the middle ranking of the school and finally Ed, the guy which every girl wanted to be with. He was so hot.

For lunch Haley had to decide where to sit. She definatly didn't want to sit with Anne, and she couldn't muster enough courage to go to the popular table. Then she heard someone calling her.

"Haley over here."

It was Lyra. Haley lifted her tray and went over to her table.

The End

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