Choices have consequences

Once there was a man named Chris Johnson. Everyone called him CJ. He was a father of four children. The mother was not ready for kids; to be honest he wasnt either.He had to keep his head up and stay strong.he kept  praying and asking god what he should do.his only job was at a restaurant which paid 800 dollars every two weeks.he had a second job at Jewels which paid 300 dollars every two weeks. he had to pay all his bills so that was not much. he did not know what to do. 

                  He thought of robbing people,houses,stores,and even banks. he did not want to be a bad example to his 3 boys and 1 girl. especially his 3 boys because when they grow up they would think its cool to rob banks. this was a tough decision, but he had to do something. it was time. he didnt know rather he should do it or not. somebody needed to help him.

              It was so hard for him to keep his head up. he needed the money for school that was about to start in August. It was already late September. he got really scared. he had to make a choice,and he had to make it soon. CJ's oldest son enters the room and says 'dad school is in 4 day and we still dont have any uniforms or suppies'. it was then CJ wanted to rob even more.after a long silence CJ finally anwsered his son and says 'ill get your supplies tomorrow. 

             The next day was Thursday. so he said to himself no  more playing games. i have to rob a at 12 midnight he was going to take his thoughts and turn them into actions. at 11 p.m he began to dress in his disguise to attempt robbery.he chose to go at that time because his children was sleep. at 12 he left,he figured the children would be safe while he was away.he started his journey to TCF bank. there was only one lady working that night,he walked towards her and demanded her to give him all the money. when he said that,the lady reached under the desk to press the security button. CJ had no choice but to pull his gun out and shoot her. after he shot her, he took the money and ran.

             The next day the kids were suprised to see all their supplies.they thanked their father.on Monday,the kids headed out for school happy that their dad came through.after they left, CJ turned on the television and watched the news. 15 minutes into the broadcast he saw himself on the tv not only for the robbery, but for the murder of a 34 year old woman. he kind of knew this was going to happen, so he already had train tickets to Kansas City. he went to the school to get his kids an early dismissal. they questioned why but there was no time to explain. CJ went to get a disguise.he put on a big hat and long curly wig, so nobody at the train station would recognize him. once CJ and the kids made it to the train station,there were police officers everywhere. 

              One of the officers approached CJ and told him to take off his hat and wig. with no questions asked CJ did exactly what he was told. police officers everywhere are now running towards CJ 'thats our guy,thats the bank robber. all the children began to cry, and kept their father what was going on. the children went with one officer, while the dad went with another one. they were placed in different police cars. the children went to the station to find out if they had any other family members who could come and get them. their dad was taken into custody for questioning and finger prints.

            At the jail cell, CJ was crying because he felt like a disgrace as a father. he children sat at the police station and they had no family to come and pick them up, so they all sat and cried because now they would be sent to a foster home.they were all confused because they didnt know what would make their father do such a thing,and they didnt know if they should forgive him. the children are now living with their new foster family,and they are happy. CJ is in jail,the children are living with people that took them months to get comfortable with,and are still missing their dad but hating him for what he did.this all could have been avoided if CJ would have done the right thing. the message is telling everyone to make the right choice,or it will affect your future.

The End

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