Dauntless- Raiden

"Keep yourself together, Chase! You wouldn't want to fail initiation," I yell as he leaps off the train and falls face-forwards into a puddle of mud.

He gets up, sputtering and laughing. "Speak for yourself, Raiden," he says, flicking mud into my dark red hair just as I slip in a particularly large puddle. He grabs my arm just before I fall. 

"I didn't need help," I hiss. Dauntless aren't supposed to need help from anybody. I slam the front door of our school open.

"Aw, 'Den, nobody cares. You are a girl,he jokes.

"We're just in time for the faction tests," I reply, ignoring his statement.

"What do you think you'll get?" He pokes me. Annoyed, I turn around and glare at him as he brushes his mud-soaked black hair out of his face and grins.

"I don't know and I'm not allowed to tell you anyway," I say through gritted teeth. It's true, anyway. You aren't supposed to share your test results with anybody. I assume it's so they can't bully you into choosing your own faction, but it's not like they don't do that anyway.

"Right.. I bet I'll get Dauntless."

"Sure you will. So will I. So will most of the Dauntless." I plop down in a metal folding chair, wincing slightly as the cold steel stings the skin exposed through rips in my jeans. For a while, everyone sits in silence, watching test administers, mostly Erudites, call their students. Occasionally there's an Abnegation or Candor, because you're not supposed to have an administer from the same faction as your own.

I watch languidly as an Amity happily calls a Stiff named Eli into the testing room. Only a few seconds later an Erudite appears, pushing her nerdy glasses up her nose.

"Raiden Vignaux?"

I stand and look straight at her.

"Come with me."

Chase gives me an encouraging smile. I follow the woman without a second glance.

The End

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