Amity- Serenity

"You'll do well tomorrow," my mother smiles. "You'll choose Amity."

I smile and nod. 

"Not doing so would cause dissent in our community," I say dully, giving the expected answer. In Amity, our jobs were to create peace. Even the smallest disagreement is looked down upon. Therefore, we agree on everything, and in it, we are one. I was even named for this virtue- Serenity.

"That's right. You're going to be late, 'Ren." My mother's tone and appearance are beyond calm- her curly black hair, so like mine, pinned neatly in place, and her yellow blouse ironed. But her voice suggests punishment if I am so.

"Okay, I'm going."

I jog off beyond our gate and to school, humming in a way that suggests I am at ease, though inside, I am not.

Opening the school doors, I realise that not to choose would cause great dissent in the community. For as long as anybody could remember, nobody was a faction-switcher. But to not switch would mean utter boredom for the rest of my life. If I do switch, I'm not even sure what faction I'd choose.

All of them seem as or more boring than Amity- especially Abnegation. I open my classroom door and continue thinking as I sit down for my first class, barely paying attention to my Erudite teacher.

I lie too much to avoid argument to live in Candor and being an Erudite would probably kill me. 

Someone bumps my desk and I look up to see a boy dressed in black with a tattoo of a chain encircling his neck. 

"Sorry," I squeak quickly, avoiding a possible argument.

"Nah, it was my fault," he points out as he plops down in the seat in front of me. Only then I realise who he is- a Dauntless. He's one of the kids I see diving off a train each morning, yelling and shoving other people in a race to get to the classroom first. 

I know now what I want to be. 

"Attention, students. You may line up in the east hallway and wait for your faction tests to be administered."

The End

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