Abnegation- Eli

"Eli, get to school. You're going to hold the class up," my mother admonishes. "You don't want to keep others waiting."

"I know, I know," I mutter. "I'm going." I grab my plain gray bag and open the door.

"Your faction test is today," my mother pauses, placing a hand on my wrist. "I know whatever you choose, you'll make us proud." 

I turn and look at her. Did she know about my indecision? How I never felt I belonged with such selfless people when I was so selfish? 

"Okay." I force the word out and run to the bus stop, slow-moving things that everyone but the Dauntless ride. I jump just as the bus slows and grab onto an outer pole. Not all of the seats are taken but it's a thing Abnegation are supposed to do. A few Amity girls in the row behind me stare and giggle as I catch my breath. I stare at the floor away from their brightly coloured dresses and try not to attract attention to myself.

"Hey, look, the Stiff is brave," one whispers. Only slightly abashed for listening into their conversation, I raise my eyebrow. 

I'm not supposed to be brave. Not like the Dauntless. I'm supposed to be Abnegation. Selfless. Like everyone I know. So selfless it hurts. 

It seems only three minutes later I'm sitting in a hallway with cold metal seats and an equally cold atmosphere, facing the door that will lead to my results.

Abnegation. Dauntless. Abnegation. Dauntless.

If I was Dauntless, I wouldn't be shaking at the thought of this test.

If I was Abnegation I would not be questioning my selflessness.

"Eli Truist? It's your turn."

The End

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