Candor- Victoria

I stare blankly outside, watching the tattooed Dauntless jump from their trains on their way to class. They really are brave, as the faction name suggests. I'm positive they'll all choose their own factions- anyone who could jump off of a train daily would be bored as hell in any other. 

Me? I'm not so sure what I want. 

"Victoria, please pay attention. Your faction tests are in a half hour and I do wish to finish this lesson," hisses my teacher. 

"Yes ma'am," I answer quickly, sitting rigidly in my seat and staring at her. Under my breath, I add, "I really wasn't not paying attention for that long." 

My teacher frowned as the few kids near me erupted into snickers. All but the Abnegation, who would hate to admit they'd been spending three seconds on themselves for their own amusement by listening to me speak. 

"I see we have no doubts that Miss Victoria will get Candor on her faction test," my teacher frowned.

"Once a Candor always a Candor," remarks a Dauntless boy that just walked into class. Though he is very late nobody argues with him or his heavyset stature or many piercings. 

I fidget in my seat and pick at the black and white shirt that is standard dress in Candor, or the honest. If only they knew.

From above, a bell buzzes loudly.

"Okay, guys, line up and exit quietly," my teacher says as she eyes a couple of loud Dauntless with distaste. "Your faction tests will now be administered."

Only a few minutes later I'm sitting in a dank hall with everybody else. Waiting. And waiting. 

The End

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