Erudite- James

I reccently started reading the Divergent series and thought "Why not write a fanfic." All of the material belongs to the respective publishers and authors, I own nothing. This will have five characters, each from it's own faction. They eventually meet up. I hope to do this book justice while I do my own take on the Divergent world. :)

"James, you need to get to school. You're very late."

"Yes, mother."

My mother puts a very high importance on school. All of the people in my faction prize intelligence above all else. So I close my map of the city, which I've been memorizing since three A.M., and hurry down the stairs.

She stands at the doorway of our home, dressed in blue and holding a comb and glasses. I roll my eyes as she quickly runs a brush through my blonde tangles and tries to place the wire-rimmed spectacles on my nose. I shrink away.

"I don't need those," I whine. It's true- I don't. But all Erudite wear them. The current faction leader believes they make us look more scholarly, as do our plain blue clothing. 

"You have to wear them, James," she says, holding them out. Reluctantly I take them. 

"Make us proud, sweetie. The test doesn't affect your choice, but it doesn't matter. We know you'll do the right thing." She smiles sweetly and shoves me out the door. I know she'll expect me to choose Erudite tomorrow.

Four hours later, I'm sitting in a dim hallway with a hundred other sixteen year olds from four other factions, waiting for my turn to take the faction test. 

The End

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